Blue Dog Motel: Lovin' You Sexy

Crédit photo: Blue Dog Motel: Lovin' You Sexy Blue Dog Motel: Lovin' You Sexy

If Jackie Moon was ever to come to the Plateau, the Blue Dog Motel would be where he would set up shop. There's a bed in the window, for Pete's sake (see this month's Sextalk for inspiration). There is also a perfect size/intimacy ratio, decent acoustics, a plethora of blue beverages and a slinky new greyhound logo. Think Smurf kink. The DJ line-up is serious, from What's Really Good? Thursdays (resident Wilson Hart - good collared shirts, better guy) to special guests, Foolhardy Fridays, Le Spank Saturday and Banana Split Sundaes with the illustrious Team Canada DJs. Let Blue Dog take you through the weekend right into Monday morning; you'll go to work refreshed and rejuvenated! The Facebook group is in full effect, so city domination is the next logical step. Wes is fielding pitches and «gifts» on the super exclusive iron doors, so come down, ring his bell and whistle three times whilst doing a shooter (I'm giving you the secret handshake, for FREE!). You know you want to know what's behind door number two...

Blue Dog Motel | 3958, St-Laurent

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