The Bare Necessities: corsets and fishnets to the rescue

The Bare Necessities: corsets and fishnets to the rescue

As Montreal’s sassiest cabaret, Café Cléopâtre, continues its court battle to contest its expropriation notice, the countercultural hangout is still hosting wild shows that keep the red-light district’s naughtiness ablaze. This spring will be no exception, given that local burlesque troop Glam Gam Productions have found the perfect venue for their latest show The Bare Necessities.

Comprised of young cats Julie Paquet, Sarah Murphy and Michael McCarthy, Glam Gam is set to delight your inner pervert with a night of queer follies and interactive performances. Skimpy outfits, outrageous wigs, local tits and asses and the obligatory sing and dance numbers will be served up with a fine burlesque spin. To top those shenanigans, expect a game of pin the tail, a kissing booth and a licentious bake sale. Stick around for the after party with a lascivious soundtrack provided by DJ Cat-a-Strofik.

Think you’ll go to hell for attending such a naughty night? Don’t fret: part of the profits will go to local charity Head and Hands and you’ll also be doing your part towards the survival of a longstanding venue. With so many burlesque frivolities, no way the Red Light can be dimmed.


The Bare Necessities
May 20 to 22
Café Cléopâtre | 1230, St-Laurent

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