Rilly Guilty: mixing bootleg beats for the people

Rilly Guilty: mixing bootleg beats for the people

Rilly Guilty has made a name for himself as one of the city’s more versatile DJs, and the evidence is overwhelming. In recent months he has played alongside everyone from Detroit techno figurehead Kris Wadsworth to UK funky maverick Roska. He has held down a residency at St-Laurent mainstay the Blue Dog Motel, and even participated in this past year’s Red Bull Thre3Style DJ competition.

Why do you do what you do?
I listen to music obsessively. If I didn’t have the chance to play those songs for others to discover, my head would probably explode.

How did you get started? The gear was at my house, remnants of my father’s short career as a disco DJ. Started having friends over after school, we’d set up the equipment in my backyard and I would mix records. Then we started throwing bootleg high school basement jams at whoever’s house was available. That evolved into playing at bars and after-parties.

If you weren’t DJing, you’d be…? Probably a carpenter or a chef. I don’t only DJ though, I gots me a full-time job and always have. Big up to all the working peoples out there!

Vinyl, CDs, or laptop?
I am trying to stick strictly to vinyl and CDs for most gigs. People need to detach themselves from the screen and use their ears.

What has been your most memorable or inspirational gig? A gig with Roska in Burlington would go down as the most memorable – 400 people in this art gallery. As for inspirational, I played in this loft once until 9 a.m. and people danced into the morning. It felt like they all trusted me with the music and I was able to deliver. That felt good.

Rilly Guilty | October 2
Le Belmont | 4483, St-Laurent
with Mount Kimbie, Babe Rainbow and Lexis


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