Drink & Draw: The draw of Montreal’s illustration blog

Drink & Draw: The draw of Montreal’s illustration blog

The Drink & Draw Montreal blog is all about image. Its visually-oriented layout and simple design reflect the website’s commitment to promoting the art of drawing in Montreal.


Written and edited by local artists and illustrators Aimée van Drimmelen and Jason Botkin, and open to public submission, this accessible and informal blog uses a clean layout to get straight to the facts. Acting as a jumping off point, the site’s ubiquitous links to more detailed websites of artists, galleries and other organizations allow readers to explore all things drawing-oriented in Montreal. While at first glance the actual content appears somewhat lackluster, the quick and informative blurbs about a plethora of things drawing-related in Montreal make it a valuable resource. Just as any good blog should, Drink & Draw covers a wide array of goings-on and appeals to a specific readership.


Benefiting from an obvious focus, local dedication and a professional, to-the-point take on an aspect of art and design with broad appeal, Drink & Draw delivers the freshest info on drawing, animation, comics, poster art, zines and more, letting all those interested know about everything from book launches to vernissages, artists’ current projects and where to create and submit their own work around town and online. Check it out if you draw, paint, illustrate, animate, design or care about those who do. And get on the mailing list to hear about their Public Drink & Draws - themed, collaborative and experimentation-minded events focused on drawing and meeting others who do too.


Drink & Draw Montreal

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