Young artist of the week : Antoine Tavaglione and his politicized pop art

Young artist of the week : Antoine Tavaglione and his politicized pop art

Antoine Tavaglione is the kind of dude a girl would be stoked to introduce to both her parents AND her friends. His sophisticated flair for fashion finds its match in his witty sense of humour, and perhaps above all, his keen eye for the 'cool'. With a BFA in Film Animation from Concordia already under his belt, Tavaglione, otherwise known as TAVA, hosted his first art exhibit CHE VU in 2010. Well-received in the local press, the exhibit showcased TAVA's predilection to use cartoon pop art aesthetics to confront politically driven themes. Now, with his Dirty Does It exhibit up and running at Galerie Espace until August 16th, the artist is set to make quite the spash, to say the least.


Best art blog to peruse during an uninspiring lecture?
Im a big fashion buff, The Sartorialist and JJJJound are dope, not much reading to do there!

Best thing about the local arts scene?
The Montreal art community is filled with a wicked pool of talent. We really encourage young and upcoming talent in this city.

The best gallery in town?
I’m a fan of Yves Laroche…just waiting for them to sign me up!

If you could have your pick of any artist, dead or alive, as a mentor, who’d top your wish list?
Keith Haring

Modern or post-modern?
Post-Modern, but props to Modern art.

Reviews: a gratifying experience or a hard-to-stomach reality?
So far, so good. I scare them.

Are you more of a play-by-the-rules pupil or a rebel against conformity?
I’m a very good boy.

The golden rule of vernissage etiquette for the uninitiated?
Wear a clean shirt, you dirty bum!

The business of art: do you embrace it or object to it?
I make sweet love to it.

Taking pictures in museums: ‘‘it’s about time, old guards’’ or ‘‘take your unrefined ass out of there’’?
I'll break your camera! Just kidding, I’m a nice guy.

If you could curate an exhibit of any kind, who would be the first 3 artists you’d want on display?
Gary Taxali, Gary Baseman and Banksy

You know an artist has gone too far when…
When he starts neglecting his girl.


An unforgettable movie ?
L’Uomo delle stelle

An enjoyable art gallery ?
Galerie Trois Points


Dirty Does It
Until August 16th | Galerie Espace | 4844 St-Laurent |

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