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Joseph Turian, 28 (Gentleman Scientist)

Joseph Turian | 28 | Dandy & Gentleman Scientist

Science and art, not necessarily in that order

Meta-fucking pompadour

Shoes, pants and vest, Housing works Thrift. Tommy Hilfiger pink argyle socks, Century 21. Tuxedo shirt, Brooks Brothers silk bow tie, Courage My Love. Pink skull ring, Stuart Rae.

Done by my partner Tiana when I need to look my best

St-Germain Margarita, Tequila Anejo, Bourbon milk punch, Classic Manhattan

A night out is never perfect without…
Weaving through several social scenes, hipster, socialites, Artards, junkies

You love Montreal because…
Of the weather

Hidden talent
Undoing ladies’ bras

Your goal in life

Favorite local act or artist
Les Valkyries, a trib of fire performers

Something few people know about you
I was a boy soprano in the New York City Opera

Free trip, where do you go
India, for business and pleasure