Washed-up: desolation meets the male nude in photographic exhibit

Washed-up: desolation meets the male nude in photographic exhibit

There’s no doubt that a common recurring dream is finding yourself nude in a public place. Such an awkward situation is now part of a new exhibit by photographer Adam Simms that will take place at art hideout Ka Vie Art until September 30th.The artist will is presenting his latest collection of photographs, which feature both recognizable Montreal locations and a naked (and quite serene!) man.

Washed-up, presented by Newfoundland-born Simms, is composed of 12 photographs. Each one explores the correlation between deserted Montreal locales and a man, lying naked on the ground. It most definitely brings to mind how the sea washed things up on the shore. Simms says he was inspired by his upbringing in Terre-Neuve, where he would walk on the beach and reflect on how the sea would consume everything and only return broken and forlorn objects to the coast.

Although the subject sounds grim, the pictures give a powerful twist to some well-known Montreal locations, and make us consider our place in the city and how living in it can have a profound effect on our well-being.

Until September 30
Ka Vie Art | 1410, Beaudry

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