Los Angeles transplant Kyle Calma made a splash a few years back as part of the riotous electro trio Royal Rumble. Having toured across the continent, he chose to relocate to Montreal to pursue a new musical direction. Comfortably ensconced as a resident DJ at Velvet Speakeasy for over a year now, Calma has found a home that’s allowed him to solidify his reputation as an uncompromising DJ with both the chops and the passion to properly showcase the more esoteric side of house music.

You made a name for yourself as part of Royal Rumble - has your taste in music changed since moving here from California? I would say my taste in music started evolving towards the end of Royal Rumble. Starting a weekly night here in Montreal allowed me to shape my style into what it is today.

What has been your most memorable gig and why? Brendon DuVall booked Royal Rumble at Coda (R.I.P.). The party was great, but the after party is where the magic happened. We had brought a couple bags of records with us from L.A., and were not really expecting to be able to play them. As the night chugged along into the wee hours of the morning DuVall, Rilly Guilty and Royal Rumble played an impromptu set of house and disco records as the sun started to pour in through the windows of the loft. Perfectly epic!

Have you ever unintentionally cleared a dance floor? What happened? Yeah, it happens way too much to pinpoint just one time!

What record never leaves your crate? “Hot Lips” by Warren Fellow & Edwin Oosterwal.

Best request ever? While working the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas, a clothing company asked me to shout them out on the P.A. system for $200. Money talks, son!

Kyle Calma | Every Thursday
Velvet Speakeasy | 420, St-Gabriel


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