Custom wheel building for your first fixie? New spokes and rims for track bikes? If you’re a lay cyclist like me, bike lingo can seem a tad intimidating. Your experience at most bike shops probably involves a macho posse answering your (legitimate) questions with a series of laconic replies. But at two-wheelin’ Village fixture Bikurious, genial owners Marissa Plamondon-Lu and Mackenzie Ogilvie will gladly explain how to pimp your hot ride from scratch.

Bikurious also devised what’s arguably the most brilliant idea ever for rallying a community around its business: lesbian haircuts for everyone! Resident hairstylist JJ Levine operates her beloved shearing business from a barber’s chair in the store, while the affectionately named “store cat” sets customers’ hearts aflutter. And this spring, Bikurious will also be sponsoring race team CC  Croix  de  fer, who’ll sport the store’s pink logo front and center as they ride along paths both straight and narrow…

1757, Amherst | Beaudry Metro

Text: Michael-Oliver Harding
Photos: Alexandre Chabot

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