Hip-Hop Karaoke: Lose yourself, Montrealers only get one shot

Hip-Hop Karaoke: Lose yourself, Montrealers only get one shot

This is no drunken, walking down the street with your best friend crying over a break-up and freestyling scenario. This is the REAL THING. This is the moment for all under-the-radar hip-hop lovers and talented show-offs to drop rhymes and live their glorious fifteen minutes.

Maybe you’ve been improvising them skills ever since you watched 8 Mile and thought Eminem was a hero? May 14th will be your chance to take it to the NEXT LEVEL by participating in the second round of Hip-Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont.

In its first edition last March, the Hip-Hop Karaoke confirmed its success: all participants showed up in their finest outfits and some out-of-control “getting low” went down.  For those first timers, DJ Cosmo and DShade showed their support by backing everyone up on the decks. Just make sure you pre-register those tracks!


The rules are simple, the options endless: choose your favorite (preferably a classic) hip-hop track and work on your swag. And don’t try to improvise those lyrics: once you’re standing on stage, you won’t sound as smart as Marshall Mathers.

No stress buddy, you won’t be graded on this, nor will you be expected to sing your own stuff. Be creative, show off your unique sense of style and perhaps drop an unexpected “know what I'm  sayin" if you're feeling adventurous...


Saturday, May 14th
Le Belmont | 4483, St-Laurent
Doors at 9pm | hhkmtl.com

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