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*** ANNULÉ *** Happy Mondays

*** ANNULÉ *** Happy Mondays

Happy Mondays are an alternative rock band formed in Salford, Greater Manchester, U.K. in 1985, notable for being a forerunner of the immensely popular neo-psychedelic indie dance movement (known as ‘madchester’ for some groups) that mashed up funk, pop, rock, and other genres. Still touring to this day, the band is fronted by Shaun Ryder, who formed the band with his bass-playing brother Paul Ryder. The classic line-up for the rest of the band consisted of their friendBez, who danced and played percussion, plus guitarist Mark Day, keyboardist Paul Davis, and drummer Gary Whelan. Although facing numerous challenges from drug abuse to label-related meddling, causing the band’s recorded output and touring to be sporadic, they have had massive influence among genre-bending 80s and 90s groups such as EMF, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, and many others.

There are several theories about why the Happy Mondays are called what they are. One is that the band’s name refers to what Manchester’s unemployed population called the day that welfare checks were issued, or that simply they didn’t have to go back to work on Mondays unlike the poor working sods. However, Shaun Ryder did remark in an interview with drug smuggler Howard Marks that the name Happy Mondays was merely a quick solution to naming the band and bears no real relevance at all. Despite fan speculation, he name has no connection with the song “Blue Monday” by synthpop band New Order, as the Mondays were together and had named the band before this song was released.

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