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Saint Woods: In the Wood for Love

Auteur: Jack Oatmon
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Saint Woods: In the Wood for Love
Ray Klonsky, documentary filmmaker and recent Concordia communications graduate, is one of the minds behind local college jam syndicate Saint Woods. He gave us the lowdown on what they do.

Tell us all.
We’re four best friends, all from Toronto. We all came to Montreal for school and we wanted to do something positive because, where we come from, people really do many positive things. We’re from Oakwood and St. Clair, hence the name Saint Woods. We came up and scoped it out, and started doing a weekly at Vinyl on Tuesdays. Then we threw our first dinner party on Halloween two years ago, and last year we celebrated our first anniversary on Halloween night, at Opera, with Flosstradamus.

What’s coming up for the New Year?
In the New Year we’re looking to expand our company beyond the McGill scene and we’re relaunching our website. It’s going to be a multimedia blog where you can buy products that DJs sell. There will also be new music posted every day, videos, a photo section… We’re going to do a launch party for that in mid-January.

Were you familiar with Peer Pressure when you started all that?
We’ve done parties with Hatchmatik and A-Rock. The first party of theirs I went to was when they did the Saturdays at Vinyl, and it was the first time I was exposed to electro music. We drew a lot of inspiration from them, and we realized the college scene didn’t really have that, so we decided to take what we saw there and put a flip on it for our clientele, which is more wealthy kids from out of town.