La Patère Rose: follow their French escapades on

La Patère Rose: follow their French escapades on
If for an Anglophone band, making it in America is the paramount of success, for a Francophone one, it isn’t really something anchored in reality. However, they can always set their sights on France, where there’s a far greater potential for mass success than in Québec. 

Taking cues from this reality, local pop band La Patère Rose was recently fine picked by Mika as openers for the French leg of his tour. Comprised of members of Misteur Valaire and lead singer Fanny Bloom, the band gave their first show at the 2008 Francouvertes, where they played a sweet set of pop gems to an eager audience. Since then, their status as Québec’s next pop currency has soared to greater heights upon releasing their critically acclaimed eponymous album in 2009.

In order to keep in touch with their fans, NIGHTLIFE's music blog Stop ou Encore will be keeping you updated of their daily European adventures, with video capsules and all the latest from our homegrown pop kids.

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