In the heart of Verdun, the most up-and-coming (and bilingual) hood in the Southwest part of town, lies a street teeming with activity. Shops, cafés, fruit markets and bookstores share the spotlight with all the “ies” you could ask for: pâtisseries, cordonneries, fromageries and quincailleries. This bustling street is akin to a small town’s main drag, with plants hanging from streetlamps and kitsch music emitting from corner street speakers.

Verdun is blooming, and Wellington is where most of the flourishing takes place. In the last year alone, fun and trendy hangout destinations have been popping up like daisies. While Verdunites pray to be spared a full-blown hipster invasion, NIGHTLIFE shares the word on the street about a few choice locations that are well worth the trek to an area that still boasts a ban on drinking establishments (!).

1 Café La Tazza | 3922, Wellington
Being in this quaint café feels like you’re having coffee at a good friend’s home. Who doesn’t love homemade baked goods? Johanne, the very friendly owner, is rightfully proud of her scrumptious desserts. And with gelato this good, who wouldn’t be?

2 Branche d’Olivier | 4342, Wellington
This health food store provides an enticing taste of the Mediterranean. It offers a fine selection of spices, olive oils, tea leaves, nuts, organic products and over sixty types of beans and grains in bulk.

3 Restaurant Le Salon Rouge | 4616, Wellington
This recently opened restaurant features a most original design concept. Like the name suggests, everything in the locale is red: plush banquettes, upholstered chairs and pop art-embellished walls. To complete the crimson picture, why not bring a bottle of your favourite red?

4 Maison de thé Cha Noir | 4646, Wellington
With its oriental feel, dim lighting and peaceful décor, entering Cha Noir is like stepping into a traditional tea house. With a selection of over 80 teas and tisanes, the chocolate chai remains the most unique, and the iced green tea a customer favourite.

5 Chaussures Super-Prix | 4829, Wellington
One of the best kept secrets in Verdun. Oft referred to as the shoe cemetery, it’s a magical place where thousands of shoes from Montreal’s top department stores, before being buried, are given one last chance to be salvaged by bargain hunters at a 50-80% discount.

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