Stereo: test your DJ knowledge in our midterm club assessment!

Stereo: test your DJ knowledge in our midterm club assessment!

Stereo, the aural playground for refined dance floor denizens, has weathered (see: extinguished) quite a few storms over the past 11 years, but as the saying goes: it don’t need no water, let the (mother) haters burn. But I digress. All that top-notch talent making use of the club’s esteemed sound system begs the question: can you tell your Kalkbrenner from your Garnier? Are you an educated techno geek or just another of clubland’s pretty faces? Stop shaking your moneymaker for a minute and link these DJ names to their corresponding bios.


1) Misstress Barbara

2) Tiefschwarz

3) Lee Burridge

4) Richie Hawtin

5) Marco Carola


A)  Instrumental in developing Hong Kong’s house scene. Among first crop of DJs to supply thumping beats to Thailand’s full moon partiers (prior to influx of belligerent meatheads). Couldn’t be tied down to Fabric residency in London for long. (Nov. 12)

B) Early interest in drums gave way to mixers, record players and lots of house. Built up solid producer rep with techno releases, including for Masters at Work imprint. Design Music label is lifeline for emerging Euro tech talent. Proof is in cutting-edge Neapolitan beats. (Nov. 5)

C) Deep black for deep house. Top-level remixes for Madonna, Spektrum, Cassius and Depeche Mode. Single ‘Isst burned up charts in 2005. Label Souvenir and its online platform very fond of experimentation. Residencies at Berlin’s Watergate and Weekend. (Nov. 12)

D) Funky techno ambassador who isn’t afraid to meld beats with melodies. Adventurous spirit, flying Cessnas as a teen, soon thereafter dropping massive bangers for dancing masses. (Ha!) From breakthrough underground DJ to singer/ songwriter channeling Leonard Cohen. (Nov. 5)

E) Record label owner regarded as leading figure in 2nd wave of Detroit techno. Prefers “Plastikman” pseudonym for minimal compositions, and other aliases for collabs. Mind boggling marriage of ambient and dance floor. Berlin is where the home is. (Nov. 19)

  (Answers: 1D, 2C, 3A, 4E, 5B)

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