PechaKucha Night: Lightning-fast creative colloquium takes world, and Montreal, by storm

PechaKucha Night: Lightning-fast creative colloquium takes world, and Montreal, by storm

Though its name comes from the Japanese phrase for chit-chat, PechaKucha is more than just small talk. A presentation method that organizes creative interaction and sparks public interest under the guise of one simple format, this platform for innovation calls for participants to present 20 images and comment on each for 20 seconds. 

The PechaKucha system, devised just over 8 years ago by a duo of Tokyo based western architects, has since caught on worldwide. With some 360 cities in nearly half as many countries launching their own semi-annual PechaKucha Nights (PKN), there’s no doubt that the creative conversation is growing. With a 6 minute and 40 second timeframe for each contributor, speakers don’t have long to make a cohesive and entertaining presentation of their past projects or future plans. Time constraints don’t always come easy for the lively and outspoken type-A innovators PKNs tend to draw. But that’s not only the fun of it, it’s also why they’re consistently so effective.

Participants (and audiences) come from a wide array of backgrounds within the global creative community. Montreal’s own upcoming instalment will feature 12 presentations ranging from the artistic exploits of filmmakers, architects, web designers, advertising gurus, alternative interior designers and multimedia artists, to the politically-motivated activism of urban landscape interventionists and civic information enthusiasts, the latter two collectively bringing nature to the city and the city to the people. As if this blitzkrieg of big ideas weren’t enough, Montreal’s 18th PKN will also play host to an audio-visual assault on the senses, provided by DJ THERMOS [Marc-André Mignault] and VJ Choco-Beets [Caroline Blais].

With past PechaKucha Nights (PKN) garnering funds and support for those in need (most recently, earthquake-devastated Christchurch, NZ), and even recently being touted as a viable new platform for political debate, PechaKucha has got a penchant for philanthropy and collective well-being as well as public inspiration and creative collaboration. Like something of a publically accessible think-tank for creative solutions, PechaKucha lets participants gets straight to the point when it comes to global issues and local interests alike. PKNs are just the sort of universally necessary podium for ideas that’s made them a local staple from A(alborg) to Z(ürich) and a Montreal fixture for almost four years.


Montreal PechaKucha Night #18
March 9 | Doors 7:20 p.m. / Presentations 8:20 p.m.
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] | 1195, Saint-Laurent

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