Israel Film Festival: Say Shalom to a worthy experience

Israel Film Festival: Say Shalom to a worthy experience

Having become one of the most important Israeli cultural events in North America, the Israel Film Festival celebrates its 7th year of bringing sophisticated and thoughtful filmmaking to Montreal cinemas. This annual event has continuously offered a great opportunity for meaningful intercultural exchange between different audiences, showcasing films and documentaries that delve into the political, social and cultural features that define Israel’s rich historical fabric.


Not only has this event played an essential role in fostering tolerance and diversity, but it has also opened many doors to talented young Israeli artists. This year’s program consists of an exclusive assortment of wide-ranging films and documentaries.


Precious Life, opening the fest this Saturday, May 14th 

Seeking to branch out and introduce the festival to a broader audience, the Israeli Film Festival is proud to be granting free entry to all students provided they show a valid student ID. Additionally, the scheduled screenings will be extended to Sunday mornings with an exciting opening night celebration this Saturday, May 14th   (no, there will be no screenings on Shabbat, silly!)

The festival takes place at the Corona Theater, Concordia and the Guzzo Spheretech Megaplex 14 in Ville St-Laurent. To commemorate the sterling quality of works produced over the last 7 years, the festival has organized screenings to be followed by presentations from important guest speakers, including several filmmakers and documentary participants. Among those presented will be The Intimate Grammar (based on David Grossman’s acclaimed novel) and I Shot My Love, which premiered at last year’s Berlin Film Festival and for which the festival will receive Andreas Merk, who is featured in the film. All screenings will be in Hebrew with English subtitles.




Israeli Film Festival | May 14-23 | Corona Theater, Concordia University and Guzzo Spheretech Megaplex 14 in Ville St. Laurent |

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