Mile-End boutique Citizen Vintage boasts the best from eras past without being passé

Mile-End boutique Citizen Vintage boasts the best from eras past without being passé


After subsisting on occasional pop-up shops and an online store over the past couple of years, Citizen Vintage has permanently set up shop in a lofty storefront on Saint-Laurent (just next-door to Mile-End hotspot The Sparrow). Partners, friends, transplants and vintage aficionados Brooke Doyle, Becky Emlaw and Lara Kaluza – who have worked together on pop-up shops for events including 7 Days of Vintage and Puces POP – opened and now run every aspect of the boutique together.

"It happened really naturally", Brooke told me at the tragically hip opening party hosted at the shop in early June. "Once we saw the space, we decided to finally invest in the business. With a permanent location, you have more control over design elements and merchandising instead of the short-and-dirty way of doing pop-up shops."

The Old Revolution

As collectors of quality vintage pieces, what is the Citizen girls’ modus operandi? "We really focus on vintage clothing that translates to current trends," says Brooke. As an added bonus, the in-store shopping experience is more boutique than thrift store: Citizen fortunately lacks the clutter and musty aromas that characterize many of the city’s vintage shops.

One can find gems ranging from the ‘50s to late ‘80s, including silky blouses, floral dresses (with and without shoulder pads), knit
lace button-down crop-tops and an ample supply of high-waist shorts perfectly suitable for stylish terrace lounging. Gentlemen, don’t feel
left out: Citizen features menswear as well, from leather wingtips and brogues, to a variety of button-down short and long-sleeve shirts.
Factoring in their optimal location and neighborhood ties, Citizen might just be the place to top off your Street Stylin’-worthy wardrobe.


Citizen Vintage
5330, St-Laurent | Laurier Metro

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