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“It was something so different and fun that I wanted to lose myself in it,” says Construct, describing his first encounter with dubstep back in the mid-2000s in Halifax. Construct (aka Marc LaTulippe), who now resides in Montreal, has been spreading the gospel of dubstep ever since as a DJ and promoter, as well as via his website,, and a weekly online radio show. A DJ at Le Belmont’s popular weekly Bass Drive, he’s quickly become the go-to guy for an increasing number of events as dubstep gains momentum.

While many older dubsteppers see the popularity of American producer Skrillex (who has collaborated with rock band Korn and has given rise to the term ‘brostep’) as the death knell for the genre, Construct sees it as the inevitable evolution of a genre with deep roots. “Jungle became D&B and then there’s the breakcore scene and the boundaries continually get pushed,” he explains. “Now the pendulum is in full swing and Skrillex is bringing it to the peak of commercialism.”

Construct doesn’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. “Every time something becomes popular, the counterculture – which is really made up of the people who are at the forefront – look around to see what else they can make from what’s left. Now you get bass music that’s coming out and everyone’s experimenting with ‘future garage’ and 808s, and the reinvention and merging of techno with dubstep – it’s going back to more fun music. Even if we’re losing a big part of what dubstep was to this big pendulum swing to the commercial side, I think what’s going on underneath is the exciting part.”

What Construct’s digging most in his crates lately is bass music, as well as glitch hop and experimental hip-hop. He’s also created a new site,, focused on juke, footwork and UK funky. “I’m trying to not get pigeonholed as a dubstep DJ,” he explains. Not because he doesn’t still love and play the music, but because boundaries are made to be broken, and dubstep was never about sitting still – it has always been about pushing the limits of drum and bass.

Construct hosts a radio show on Dubstep.FM every Tuesday night from 8-10 p.m. | |