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Sebadoh’s license to confuse is reinstated

Where were you in 1986? Myself, I was rockin’ a ‘fro in eighth grade, listening to whack tunes and trying to fit in. Cool Lou Barlow on the other hand had his paws wrapped around two soon-to-be mythical indie music outfits.

As a bass player with Dinosaur Jr. he followed the strict orders of commandant J. Mascis. As guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter with his own Sebadoh (alongside perfect foils Eric Gaffney and Jason Lowenstein), he sang both loud and quiet about the woes of the world, epitomized slacker rock and virtually came to define the term “lo-fi” both on vinyl and sloppily on stage, as well as being able to write one hell of a hook.

While his tenure with the former ended three years later – revived in 2005 to both great surprise and acclaim – Sebadoh was at Barlow’s heart and soul, continuing virtually non-stop, save for a few member tension hiccups and further Barlow side-projects à la Sentridoh and the massively popular Folk Implosion, until today.

Sebadoh’s trademark sound mixes rough shaped noises, experimental oddities, acoustic love tales and crystalline pop, as best heard on their massively acclaimed 90’s keepers Sebadoh III, Bubble and Scrape, Bakesale and Harmacy

While little has been put to tape in near fifteen years, expect the classic jams to reappear in the near future. All ready for public consumption is this summer’s Secret EP – comprised as Barlow notes of “the band’s five worst new songs” – soon to be followed by a brand spanking new full-length platter.

August 21 | La Sala Rossa
4848, St. Laurent
with Circle of Buzzards and Lou Barlow (solo)