Founded by artistic director/choreographer Steve Bolton in 2003, this Montreal dance crew’s intricate moves, impressive versatility and creative retooling of hits – like a smokin’ hot Lady Gaga routine – earned them a second place finish on last season’s America’s Best Dance Crew. T.L., Nick, Vincent, Nathalie, Lorena, Vanessa and Derek hip-hopped their way to the finals despite being the first ever non-American team to compete on the show (minus Blueprint’s Kim, who was touring with So You Think You Can Dance Canada). They’re springing into summer with performances for Canada Day on Parliament Hill in the presence of Her Majesty, and at the Just for Laughs Festival in the presence of another kind of queen, Pamela Anderson. Whether their days in and around Montreal involve working, playing or chillaxing, Blueprinters stray from the highfalutin’ crowd and keep things simple.

1- 8 Count Dance Complex | 87-B, Brunswick Blvd, DDO
Thien-Linh Truong - I am there every day; it’s where I work, teach and practice. It’s a second home for me, a centre where everyone can go to share their passion. Nicolas Bégin - It’s the reason why I drive all the way to Montreal and then all the way back home to Quebec City about 3 times a week.

2- Juliette et Chocolat
| 1615, St-Denis
Vincent Noiseux and Kim Gingras - We both love sweets and this is where we go to satisfy our sweet tooth. We especially love that area in the summer. We can walk around, shop and enjoy Montreal right in the heart of downtown, where all the action is.

3- Reebok Store
| 1482, Ste-Catherine W.
Nathalie Levy and Lorena Liebman - As dancers, we love shoes, and the Reebok store is where we get all our footwear for Blueprint. They have a huge variety, and we’re always wearing a funky pair!

4- Le Tour de Ville
| 777, University
Vanessa Gagnon - This restaurant overlooks the entire city and it’s beautiful to see it lit up at night. It’s relaxing and helps me clear my mind while still being close to home.

5- Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal and boardwalk

Derek Rice - It’s where I like to go to take my mind off things. It’s very peaceful being in the middle of the water on a narrow strip of cement. I also like to go there and freestyle to music.

Blueprint Cru
Just for Laughs Gala: Pam's Variety Gala
Thursday, July 17, 7 p.m. | Théâtre St-Denis

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