Cava: Late night eats can be classy too at this upscale Greek restaurant

Cava: Late night eats can be classy too at this upscale Greek restaurant

Although Cava is a new restaurant, it has achieved instantaneous Mile End street cred as part of the Milos empire of deliciousness. While Milos offers an extensive seafood menu, and the deceased Petit Milos was an upscale sandwich shop, Cava focuses more on traditional Greek cuisine.

To be honest, I’m not the sort of person who eats in high-end restaurants often: I laugh too loud, I spill food on myself, and I always put my elbows on the table. But with the first bite of olive oil drenched bread (before the dishes I ordered had even arrived!), I began to reconsider this position. An amuse-bouche of smoky eggplant with crumbled cheese confirmed my suspicions that maybe high end was for me. By the time my lamb chops had arrived, I was sold – it had been months since I’d had meat this good (tender, sweet, not too fatty). A side dish of lemony, oregano grilled carrots, beets, and baby zucchini sealed the deal. Don’t even get me started on dessert: tiny donuts bathed in a sour cherry compote with a generous serving of homemade kaimaki ice cream.

From the unbleached cotton tablecloths to the leather banquette seating and the oak wine rack which lines one wall of the joint, Cava’s decor is flawlessly tasteful. As for the waitstaff, well, our waiter offered the most enthusiastic, friendly service I’ve had in months, warmth that was mirrored in our interactions with other members of staff. Best of all, they’re open past midnight every day, with a prix fixe menu starting at 10 pm.


5551 Du Parc | Outremont Metro |

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